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Hero Advocate Peter Thomas Senese & The I CARE Foundation Maks A Giant Difference For Children

Peter Thomas Senese: A Hero To Children & The I CARE Foundation Protect Children

Peter Thomas Senese
our family's
I speak from direct personal experience when I say Peter Thomas Senese and the I CARE Foundation, including Carolyn Vlk and attorney Joel S. Walter  are hereos to many parents and their children, my family included. In fact, amongst a large and ever-growing group of families around the world, members of the I CARE Foundation are the quintessential heroic child advocates because they protect children who can't protect themselves.

You see, the not-for-profit  I CARE Foundation has helped reunite a large number of internationally kidnapped children with their families, prevented significantly more abductions from occurring (including the absolute planned abduction of my niece Sophia), and educated anyone and everyone willing to listen from parents to judges to politicians about a devastating crime that victimizes innocence: the surging growth of international parental child abduction.

The net result of the I CARE Foundation's extraordinary efforts outside of the direct lives they have helped protect?

 The culmination of the passage of new laws or modification of existing laws that will protect children, with the promise of additional laws on the horizon.

My family and particularly my sister Natalie and my niece Sophia are so fortunate that Peter Thomas Senese came into their life last winter, for the writer turned evangelical child abduction prevention advocate Mr. Senese played a major, major, majro role in preventing the abduction of my niece by carefully dissecting and uncovering the horrible scheme planned out by my former brother-in-law (jackass) that would have seen Sophia's disappearance somewhere unknown in Croatia (See 'Warning Signs of Child Abduction')
After uncovering the plan, Mr. Senese spent ample time and educated our family's lawyer on how to proceed before the courts so we could stop the abduction. On top of everything, when the emergency hearing took place Peter Thomas Senese flew into town the way you would think the Lone Ranger would show up, and provided resounding testimony before the court as a expert witness in the area of child abduction prevention.How good was Mr. Senese in court?

According to the court records and comments made by the judge, based on Mr. Senese's testimony, Sophia was not removed.

Remarkably and to his credit, Mr. Senese never asked for one single dollar. His only request? That we simply not forget the plight many children face and help others who in need.

Today Sophia is home. The plot to illegally remove her from the United States was stopped by Peter Thomas Senese - our family's heroic child advocate. And the intended child abductor is living back in Croatia. 

Now, I understand the enormity of my statement that Peter Thomas Senese is a heroic advocate, particularly when considering the definition of the words 'hero' and 'advocate'. 

The very nature of combining these two nouns generally cause our minds to immediately think of super heros such as Superman or Spiderman or the Lone Ranger (or in my case, the 'Green Lantern') before focussing on real-life super heros who have given of themselves fully, selflessly, and without an agenda other than to make a positive difference for the greater good of others.

Let's take a look at Webster's definition of the words 'hero' and 'advocate' and see how Peter Thomas Senese measures up.

The definition of 'Hero' is a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.

The definition of an 'Advocate' is a person who speaks or writes in support or defense of a person, cause, etc.

Applying these two definitions to the best-selling geopolitical thriller writer Peter Thomas Senese is rather easy.

Let's explore a bit.

According to various sworn government documents, several years ago Mr. Senese was forced to deal with a horrible international child abduction scheme shrewdly orchestrated by his child's mother as documented by the U.S. Department of State. Much of what Mr. Senese experienced is relayed in the remarkable, critically acclaimed novel 'Chasing The Cyclone' that Mr. Senese states "was deeply inspired by my own unexpected experiences chasing into the awful cyclone of international parental child abduction that few people in society understood of it's seriousness and malice towards children and targeted families."

Fortunately for Peter Thomas Senese, he was able to reunite with his child. However, according to a whole list of private organization and government reports, the majority of children internationally abducted by one parent from another, despite being a federal crime categorized as kidnapping, are seldom returned. In fact, according to the I CARE Foundation, if the abduction trend continues based upon existing statistical growth, there could be as many as 100,000  American children internationally kidnapped over the next ten years with as little as 10% of them ever coming home. 

As much as we can applaud Mr. Senese's perseverance to take care of his child, I am not sure if that in itself allows us to call someone a 'heroic advocate' because there is a sense of self-fulfillment when your acting to help your own child.

It is what Peter Thomas Senese did after he reunited with his son that makes him in my and my family's eyes along with the eyes that sets Peter Thomas Senese apart from many others as a man of distinguished courage and ability who defends those who cannot accurately defend themselves and acts not simply with selfless merit but whose actions accomplish tremendous deeds for the betterment of society.

To begin, Mr. Senese did not walk away from this massive problem of international child kidnapping even though his own battles were over. Instead, and realizing how fortunate he was, but how unfortunate others were, Mr. Senese became a dedicated champion of targeted children. He did not need to come back into these storms. His own child was home. Yet he did. I was curios about this and a few other things, so I had written to Mr. Senese and asked him a few questions. One was why he has dedicated himself to helping other families?

This was his answer. "During the time I was searching for my own son, I made a promise that I would one day try to help other parents and their children because the reality is in the horrible world of IPCA, it is the world turned upside down. Nothing makes sense. Laws are circumvented or not carried out. Children are easily abducted. Yet few are returned home. And sadly, too many children are gone forever and will never come home. They can't. And this disgusts me. So, step-by-step I am part of an incredible team that at its core includes the remarkable advocateswho are raising the bar of knowledge everywhere we go that is necessary if we're going to slow down this runaway train called IPCA. And as most of my friends know, I take great pride in fulfilling my promises. In the world of IPCA, something had to be done. And so I am simply doing what I can. Today, there are some incredible advocates in this community that are also pushing the mountain of abduction. Fortunately, the mountain is beginning to move."

So, what has Peter Thomas Senese done to move this mountain? The list of accomplishments are extensive, and quite remarkable when you consider that Mr. Senese and the I CARE Foundation personally finance their advocacy and do not accept donations or charge any fees for their assistance.

This is why Peter Thomas Senese is a hero advocate:

1. Mr. Senese and the I CARE Foundation have rescued many children of abduction who were taken all over the world. (Read some sworn testimonials).

2. Mr. Senese and the I CARE Foundation have helped stop the abduction of an even greater number of children. ( Read some sworn testimonials).

3. Mr. Senese and the I CARE Foundation have conducted extensive research in the area of child abduction. Their findings have led Peter Thomas Senese - an extremely gifted best-selling author - to become one of the most published authors and writers on this subject.

4. Mr. Senese has donated 100% of all of his book proceeds generated from 'Chasing The Cyclone' and the co-authored encyclopedia on child abduction called 'The World Turned Upside Down' to the I CARE Foundation, which protects children.

5. Mr. Senese has played key roles in creating new laws or having existing laws passed that protect children including Florida's CAPA law and the United States Prevent Departure Program. Two new federal legislative initiatives are on the immediate horizon that focus on passport travel requirements for all minors and an abduction screening list for high-profile child abductors possessing a right of American citizenship.

6. Mr. Senese is the Founding Director of the remarkable I CARE Foundation.

7. Mr. Senese never asks for any financial compensation for any of his time.

8. Mr. Senese has and continues to build a national attorney network (including now my sister Natalie's attorney) that participates in the U.S. Department of State's attorney network of pro boon lawyers dedicated to protecting children.

But most of all, and selfishly, my beautiful niece Sophia is home today because of Peter Thomas Senese's efforts. I know I speak for my sister, the rest of my siblings, our parents, and our extended family when I say that there are not enough words I can express to share my thanks to you Mr. Peter Thomas Senese. What you did for our family will never be forgotten. And we all stand ready to help you and the I CARE Foundation when you march on Washington and move to pass the new laws you have been working on.

I am certain that your volunteer work has had a large impact of so many families like my own. I am also certain that by the very nature of the incredible work you have assembled over these years, that your efforts will protect thousands of other children who will follow in Sophia's footsteps as a targeted child of abduction. And through your work Mr. Senese, these children will not be abducted. Through your incredible work, more children will come home. Through your work, society will know just how terrible of a crime it is when one parent steals a child to another country with intent of disappearing with that child. Through your work Peter Thomas Senese - and the rest of the I CARE Foundation team - our world is a little bit safer a place for our children, and with each passing day a snowball of knowledge continues to grow. As it does, more children will be protected.

For all of the above, there is no question in my heart and mind that Peter Thomas Senese is a real-life superhero.

And Mr. Senese, if you ever happen to read this, I want you to know how much my family and I are thankful for all you do. The world needs you to continue doing all you do.